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Sending a parcel to other parts of Europe

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Sending a parcel to other parts of Europe
Category: Terms and conditions

NB! We have launched the updated service!

Kapi suurusPaki mõõtmedPaki kaal
XSup to 5 cm * 34 cm * 42 cmup to 5 kg
Sup to 12 cm * 34 cm * 42 cmup to 35 kg
Mup to 20 cm * 34 cm * 42 cmup to 35 kg
Lup to 34 cm * 36 cm * 42 cmup to 35 kg
XLup to 60 cm * 36 cm * 60 cmup to 35 kg
Minimum dimensions: 1 cm * 15 cm * 15 cm
Minimum weight: 100g

You can find a more detailed price list here

Sending a parcel to Europe

  • The price of sending the parcel depends on which locker it fits into and the zone of the country you want to send the parcel to.
  • The courier will deliver the parcel to the address noted in the order. If the courier is unable to reach the recipient of the parcel at the noted address the first time, the parcel may delivered to a neighbour or to the nearest parcel point. Sweden has an exception to this, as all parcels belonging to private customers are delivered by couriers only in instances when the parcel weighs more than 20 kg. All parcels from private customers weighing less than 20 kg are immediately directed to the parcel point.
  • Calling the customer beforehand is not included in the service.
  • The parcel is stored for 10 days, after that, the parcel will be returned to the sender.
  • The maximum package size is 60 × 36 × 60 cm and maximum weight is 35 kg.

A parcel sent before 13.00 (except the islands) will be delivered to the addressee within 1–8 working days (except on public holidays) depending on the place of destination. You can find the exact delivery times in the price list and postal code table.

Packing a parcel

Pack all the items into a single box and seal it securely with adhesive tape – this way you can be sure that all the items arrive in exactly the same condition they were in when posted. A well-packed parcel is protected against its contents being lost or damaged in transit.

Make sure the following information is written on the parcel:

  • Sender:
    • Name
    • Phone
  • Addressee:
    • Name
    • Phone

Sending a parcel

To send a parcel abroad, place an order in self service beforehand.

Follow these steps to place and send an order:

  1. From the list, select the country you want to send the parcel to.
  2. Fill in the sender and addressee details.
  3. Choose an appropriate locker size for the package. The safest way to do it is to measure the parcel again.
  4. Check the contact details of the sender and the addressee and choose a suitable payment method.
  5. Once your order is confirmed, a unique door code that is required to insert the parcel into the parcel terminal will appear on the screen. This code will also be automatically sent to the email address you specified in your order. If you wish, you can send an SMS containing the door code to the addressee’s phone number free of charge.
  6. This door code is valid for 30 days in all Smartpost parcel terminals all over Estonia; thus, you can post the parcel in any of them. You can find parcel terminal locations here
  7. When inserting a parcel at the parcel terminal, you will need to pay for the postage of the parcel by bank card. Keep in mind that our terminals do not currently accept American Express and ITIC Teacher cards.
  8. Once you are at the terminal, the instructions on the screen will assist you. When you have entered the code and completed the card payment, the suitable locker for your parcel will open. Place the parcel in the locker and close the door carefully – we will take care of the rest!
  9. Smartpost will then deliver the parcel to the address provided in the order.

Requirements for parcels, prohibited parcels and liability of Itella:

The parcel has to travel a long way and go through several sorting lines before it reaches the addressee. To ensure that the parcel can endure the journey to its place of destination and arrives in the best possible condition, we recommend that the sender makes sure when assembling the parcel that:

  • the outer packaging can withstand a diagonal fall from a height of 100 cm
  • the containers meant for transporting powders are hermetically sealed and the containers have in turn been packaged in durable transport packaging (corrugated cardboard box, plastic box, wooden box, etc.)
  • the parcel has been packed in a way that the contents of the parcel cannot be accessed without damaging the packaging
  • the packaging is not excessively large for the goods
  • the packaging is capable of withstanding the weight of 4-5 similar packages placed on top of it

To ensure the safety of our clients and employees and the safe arrival of the parcel, we have compiled a list of objects and goods that should not be sent via the Smartpost parcel terminal.

You can find information about prohibited parcels here.

You can find more information about sending excise goods (alcohol and tobacco products) on the website of the Estonian Tax and Customs Board.

Pursuant to Article 8.1 of the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR), the carrier is only required to check the apparent condition of the goods and their packaging and not to assess the suitability of the packaging. That means it is very important to make sure the packaging is suitable when sending a parcel.

Liability of Itella

The liability of postal operators is regulated by both Estonian and European legislation. For preventing problematic situations and abuse of postal services, postal operators also have rules of their own. Below are the rules that Itella follows:

  • Itella assumes liability for the damage to or loss of a parcel, pursuant to the CMR Convention and the Law of Obligations Act, in an amount of up to SDR 8.33 per kilogram of the gross weight of the damaged or lost parcel. SDR is the accounting unit used by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and its amount depends on the published exchange rate.
  • Itella does not compensate for any indirect damages or loss of profit.
  • Itella has the right to demand, for the purposes of an expert assessment, the submission of the damaged parcel.
  • Smartpost is not liable for the incorrectly chosen locker size and the delivery cost is not refundable.
  • The delivery of parcels with prohibited contents and incorrectly packaged parcels will be suspended at the Smartpost Itella terminal and the delivery cost is not refundable.
  • If the damage could not be established upon conventional receipt of the parcel by the addressee, the client may submit to Itella a complaint or a damage claim no later than within seven calendar days of the day when the parcel was issued to the addressee.

We kindly ask you to submit your complaints and damage claims related to the damage to or loss of the parcel to Itella in writing.