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Itella Estonia is a logistics company that cares about the environment and contributes to the reduction of its ecological footprint through various activities. In addition to financial numbers, we always consider the social and environmental impact of out activities when making business decisions.

In addition to reducing the company’s ecological footprint, we also want to contribute to improving the environment around us.

  • We use renewable electricity in our logistics and sorting centres.
  • We promote a circular economy by encouraging people to reuse things.
  • We aim to be a paper-free company that uses electronical solutions as much as possible. For example, we are developing digital solutions such as Smartpost’s self-service to encourage parcel sending without stickers.
  • For the past 12 years, we have placed particular emphasis on sorting and recovering packaging material – cardboard and paper is sorted separately, as are plastic of different colours and materials.

– We are sustainable in our working environment and in our daily work: we produce minimal digital waste, replace business trips with online meetings, turn off the lights when leaving a room, optimise cooling and heating. Instead of personal trash cans under each office desk, we have a trash sorting station in the break area.
– In addition to making work processes more environmentally sustainable, Itella Estonia also contributes to nature regeneration. We have developed a tradition to plant trees.
– Our parent company, Posti Group, won the Carbon Reduction Award at the World Sustainability Awards in 2021.
– We favour environmentally responsible partners and subcontractors.