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Prohibited parcels

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Prohibited parcels
Category: Terms and conditions

To ensure the safety of our clients and employees and the safe arrival of the parcel, we have compiled a list of objects and goods that should not be sent via the Smartpost parcel terminal.

The list of prohibited parcels includes

Highly perishable foodstuffs, infectious substances

Radioactive, explosive, corrosive (incl. accumulators), toxic or flammable substances or substances sensitive to cold

Money, coins in circulation, bank cards, gift cards, securities, bonds, precious metals and stones

Narcotic and psychotropic substances

Ammunition, weapons and their parts

Sharp items without appropriate packaging

Live plants, animals, birds, fish

Containers filled with liquid that are not tightly closed and packed in a break-proof manner

Identity documents, travel documents, permits or documents giving a special status

In addition, it is prohibited to send items or substances, the import or distribution of which is prohibited in the country of origin or destination, and other prohibited items or substances listed in our general terms and conditions.

It is important to note that if you post a parcel with prohibited content, then Itella is not liable for the parcel.

In addition, we have the right to suspend the delivery of parcels with prohibited content and to destroy parcels that are hazardous to the health and property of Itella employees and third parties or to the environment and other parcels. The sender of the parcel thereby undertakes to compensate for any damage and cost incurred in connection with the prohibited parcel.