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Smartpost’s new white parcel lockers can also be used by people with visual impairments, as their door numbers are equipped with braille.

You can find the locations of the white parcel lockers here.

Receiving a parcel

When a parcel arrives at a white parcel locker, the recipient will receive a notification email and SMS stating which parcel locker the parcel has arrived at, the door number and the code to open it.

Before picking up your parcel, check the location of the correct parcel locker. You can do so here by entering the name of the parcel locker in the search box.

Upon reaching the parcel locker:

1. Find the right door:

The doors of the parcel lockers are numbered and start with the number 1 in the top left corner, moving in columns from top to bottom. The door number in braille is located above the PIN keypad on each locker.

2. Enter the door code

– The white parcel locker door code starts with a C, followed by a 6-digit number and ending with OK.

– Each door has its own PIN code which includes the numbers 0-9, the letter C and OK.

– Each time a key is pressed, the parcel locker emits an acoustic signal, and if the code is correct, a special sound is emitted and the door of the box opens.

– Once you’ve taken the parcel out, make sure you close the door.

Please note that in order to access the parcel lockers in our parcel stations (Kose, Türi, Paldiski, Väike-Maarja, Paide, Abja-Paluoja, Karksi-Nuia, Järva-Jaani, Põltsamaa et al.), in Nõmme Shopping Centre and Leesi, you must also open the front door equipped with a code lock. The front door opens with the same code as the door of your locker.
On the front door keypad, the numbers start with 1 in the top left-hand corner and are positioned side by side in pairs, so row 1 has the numbers 1 and 2, row 5 has the numbers 9 and 0.
The 6th row consists of the keys C and OK.

– There are 4 rows of keys on the keypad and 3 keys on each row from left to right. The number 1 button is located in the top left corner.

– Keypad keys from left to right:

first row:             digits 1-3
second row:       digits 4-6
third row:           digits 7-9
fourth row:        C, 0, OK

Sending a parcel

The parcel must be registered in our self-service platform
The system is being further developed so that it will be possible for people with visual impairment to also register their parcel.
On the other hand, a visually impaired person can deposit a parcel prepared for delivery at a white parcel locker following the same instructions as when collecting the parcel, as long as they have the corresponding door code.