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How to return your parcel

If you wish to return a parcel, please examine the returns terms and conditions on the online store’s website that shipped the parcel. If necessary, contact the online store to specify the returns terms and conditions.

Please note! Make sure you comply with the time limit for returning parcels!


Returning parcels through Smartpost’s parcel locker

  • You can use parcel lockers to return parcels delivered through lockers or couriers, provided that their dimensions fit into a parcel locker.
  • Look for your shipment number on the return label (bar code).
  • Go to the self-service page and select “Return” from the menu to the left.
  • To return the parcel, follow the self-service steps.
  • On the parcel locker display screen, select “Sending a parcel” → “Sending with door code”.

Please note! Returning parcels is currently only available with parcel lockers listed under the returns service in the self-service. If you are unable to find a suitably located parcel locker, please order a courier service to your home address by filling out a parcel return form.

Return parcel via courier

  • You can use the courier service if:
    – the parcel to be returned was delivered by a courier;
    – you are unable to find a suitably located parcel locker in the self-service under returns.
  • To order a courier, please fill out a parcel return form.


  1. If the label says “Weltpaket” or “Paket International”, please contact your local post office to return the parcel.
  2. Upon receiving a parcel from an Estonian online store, the parcel can conveniently be returned if the sender (online store) has activated the return service.
    a. If the parcel is delivered to a blue parcel locker, the parcel can be returned with the same code free of charge – enter the code in the terminal and place the parcel in the locker.
    b. If the parcel was delivered to a white parcel locker, go to the self-service environment -> ”Returns” to execute the returns procedureby entering the parcel code (bar code) and selecting a suitable returns parcel locker.
  3. In other cases, please contact the sender (e.g. the customer service of the online store) and ask them to send you a return label via e-mail. Then follow the above returns procedure (see “Returning parcels through Smartpost’s parcel locker”)


Carefully package the goods to be returned. Use an additional insert if necessary. The external packaging must be made of a strong, durable material. Take extra care when closing the packaging, especially if the contents are heavy. Detailed packaging instructions can be found here.

Remove the original label and attach the Return label to the outer packaging so that the label is not folded on the corners of the package. If you cannot remove original label, completely cover it with Return label. Properly attached Return label must completely cover the bar code of original label.