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Collect on Delivery service

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Collect on Delivery service
Category: Terms and conditions

You can pay for a shipment or transport with the collect on delivery service when receiving the parcel.

According to the shipment delivery method, the following payment options are available for the service:
The couriers only accept card payments.
Two payment methods are possible depending on the parcel locker type.

  1. If the parcel is sent to a blue locker, the collect on delivery payment can be made at the locker using a bank card.
  2. If the parcel is sent to a white locker, the collect on delivery payment can be made via the payment link in the SMS or e-mail sent by Smartpost, which directs you to the Eesti Maksekeskus payment centre. You can pay using a bank link, credit card or a bank card that allows web payments.

Once their payment has been received, the recipient will be sent another SMS/e-mail with the door code with which they can retrieve their package from the parcel terminal.

This e-mail will be sent from and the SMS from Smartpost.