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Why should I specify my preferred parcel lockers?

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Why should I specify my preferred parcel lockers?
Category: Parcel terminals
  1. So that when you order a parcel for which you have not chosen a parcel locker location when making the purchase (e.g. an international parcel), it always arrives at the most convenient locker for you.
  2. So the international parcel can arrive in a convenient parcel locker on time, even if there is no space in your first preferred locker.

We recommend adding all three preferences, the first one being the most convenient for you. We take preferred parcel lockers into account when the phone number or e-mail address of the online store user and parcel recipient match and the parcel is suitable for sending in a locker.

NB! Don’t forget to change your preferred parcel lockers when you move or go on a longer holiday in Estonia – for example, during a holiday while living in a country home.

Mark your preferred parcel lockers in the settings on the Smartpost self-service site. You must be logged in on the self-service site as a registered user to choose your preferred parcel lockers.

NB! Setting preferred destinations affects to the packages ordered after setting preferred parcel lockers.