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Could the parcel lockers be used for storing items?

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Could the parcel lockers be used for storing items?
Category: Parcel terminals

Yes, a private customer can store items in Smartpost’s blue parcel lockers. You can use this option to store keys or other necessary items in the parcel locker. This is also the fastest way to deliver your parcel.

In order to store the parcel you need to fill out a shipment form to the same parcel locker where you wish to store the parcel. You can fill out a parcel form on site in the parcel locker as well as in the self-service environment After that you will receive SMS and/or e-mail with locker code. You can retrieve your parcel as soon as just a few moments later. The parcel is stored in the parcel machine for a maximum of 7 calendar days. Parcel terminal price list for private clients applies to the stored goods.

Blue parcel locker locations can be found here.