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Itella Privacy Policy

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Itella Privacy Policy
Category: Terms and conditions

The controller of personal data Itella Estonia OÜ (Loomäe tee 13, Lehmja küla, Rae vald, 75306 Harjumaa, registry code: 10891224) (hereinafter Itella) is an international logistics company belonging to the Finnish Posti Group.

This Itella Privacy Policy (hereinafter the Policy) applies when Itella processes personal data as the controller. When Itella processes personal data as the processor, the purposes and circumstances of personal data processing are determined and made known by the controller.

When processing personal data, Itella follows the applicable data protection laws, international data protection legislation and the provisions, orders, instructions and recommendations laid down by the competent data protection authorities.

The Policy also applies to the data sent to Itella before this Policy entered into force. Itella has the right to unilaterally amend this Policy by giving information about this on its website, on social media or in any other manner.

The appropriate processing of personal data is taken very seriously at Itella. This includes fair and transparent processing, and acknowledging and complying with the principles of data protection.

Itella’s target is to always comply with the following data protection principles when processing personal data at Itella:

  • Lawfulness, fairness and transparency

Personal data must be used in a lawful, fair and transparent manner from the perspective of the data subject. Any misuse or malpractice of personal data or a threat posed to them are investigated, and they are reported and communicated according to the severity of the case.

Personal data processing is made transparent so that the data subject has the right to gain knowledge of the processing of their data in Itella. Transparency also requires that, if necessary, the decisions, choices and implementations and the grounds for them can be shown from documents related to personal data processing.

  • Purpose limitations

Personal data must be collected for precisely and clearly determined and lawful purposes and may not be processed later in a manner that is in conflict with the initial purpose of processing.

  • Collection of as little data as possible

Personal data must be relevant, important and limited to the data required from the point of view of the processing objective thereof.

  • Accuracy

Personal data to be processed must be valid, correct and updated, if necessary.

  • Storage limitation

Personal data may only be stored until it is necessary for fulfilling the purpose of processing.

  • Authenticity, integrity and confidentiality

It must be guaranteed that the origin of personal data is authentic and that they are correct, complete and up-to-date, and accessible only to authorised persons or technical systems.

Contact details

  • If you have questions about the collection and processing of personal data, please call the information line of Itella Estonia OÜ at +3726990431 or send an e-mail to
  • A Customer ca request the erasure of their personal data by contacting us at

You can find the old version of the policy here (valid until 20.06.2023).