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Domestic courier service


Your parcel is in safe hands

Why choose us?

Door to door service

We deliver the good from door to door fast and secure

Fair price

The price does not depend on the weight of the parcel. Also no storey fee is added to the price

Age verification

If required, we will ascertain the age of the recipient

Courier service

Six days a week (Mon-Fri) we deliver parcels on the day after the order is placed (excluding Sundays and deliveries to small Estonian islands). The customer can choose a time that suits them best and order the parcel to work or home. Delivery times vary from region to region. Generally, in Tallinn, we deliver parcels from Mon-Fri between 09.00-21.00, Sat 09.00-17.00. In the rest of Estonia, we deliver from 09.00 to 17.00.

On the morning of the day of delivery, the customer will be informed of the arrival of the parcel by SMS. The courier will call the customer before the parcel is delivered.

If it is not possible to deliver the parcel to the customer the first time, the courier will arrange another time if necessary. According to the customer’s wishes, the parcel can also be rerouted to a suitable parcel locker at no extra charge.

For parcels to be sent by courier, parcels can be delivered to Smartpost on working days by ordering a pick-up, or they can be delivered to the Smartpost Itella terminal at Jälgimäe tee 13 B, Tänassilma village, 76406 Saku municipality (parcels Mon-Fri 09.00-17.00, loading slot 61B and pallets 9.00-22.00, loading slots 61E – 61H). Parcels can also be delivered to the parcel machines on any day of the week.

With Smartpost courier service

  • No need to weigh parcels (max weight per parcel is 35 kg).
  • There is no extra “floor charge” to delivering parcels to the higher floors

Our success

Over 50 trucks in Estonia
Packages delivered to the client in 1 day
More than 300,000 packages per year

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