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We’ll help you grow your e-shop

Why should you entrust the logistics of your e-shop to Itella?

Paperless warehouse operations (using a scanner)

Customer-friendly online warehouse software (fast and affordable interface with common e-platforms)

Environmentally friendly: reusable packaging and recycled packaging filling material

Sustainable solutions (sustainable motion-responsive LED lights, modern warehouse equipment, waste sorting, etc.)

A warehouse that meets the requirements of packaged food merchants

Subject to the customers’ needs, adding product information, processing goods, etc.

Longstanding e-warehouse logistics experience

Our own parcel locker network in the Baltics and Finland guarantees fast deliveries

Innovative and solution-oriented team with extensive experience

The ‘Simple’ package

It is especially suitable for businesses where it is possible to receive and store ready-to-sell products and issue them from the warehouse without additional operations.

    Pakett „SmartThe ‘Smart’ package

    This service includes the preparation of the products for sale (marking the products with product information labels, including user manuals, etc.), thus it is well suited to an e-shop that deals with imported goods.

    The ‘Premium’ package

    It is suitable for e-businesses with a wide range of products that need various extra services and have a large customer base. This service is a tailored solution, guaranteeing first-class service to online merchants.

      Numbers do not lie

      23,000 pallet places
      23,000 m2 of warehouse space
      21 km of storage shelves for small goods
      2,700,000 lines a year
      21,700,000 pieces a year
      Collection quality and time exceeding 99.9%
      Audited 6S standard results over 95%

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      How are the delivered goods unloaded? By hand, on pallets or in boxes?

      How many purchase orders, purchase lines, purchased items a month are there on average?

      How quickly do you want the goods to be shelved, i.e. made available for orders?

      Do the goods need special handling when unloading, e.g. unloading from the side?

      Where will the goods come from? Is the customs service necessary?

      Is additional work needed? E.g. placing stickers, packaging, folding, configuration, etc

      How many different articles (SKI) would you like to store with us?

      How many pieces, boxes or pallets for one article on average?

      How many pallet places or current metres of shelves for small goods would you like for storage at one time?

      If you use pallets bigger than the EUR-pallets, please specify the measurements thereof.

      Are the goods in need of special storage conditions? Such as particular humidity levels or temperature.

      Are the goods highly flammable or hazardous, etc.?

      How many sales orders, sales line, sales items are there in a month on average?

      Should items be packed and how? Box, pallet or cart?

      How much time for gathering the items, i.e. how quickly should the order be ready for transport after making the order?

      At what time do the orders arrive? Is this seasonal work?

      How big are the changes in terms of a week, a month and a year?

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