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Transmission of personal data

Itella has the right to transmit the personal data of Customers to the extent permitted and/or required by law and in compliance with the requirements of the laws governing personal data protection. This can only be done in duly justified cases, and only to data recipients who undertake to duly protect the data.

  • Posti Group companies have the right, to the extent permitted by law, to process the personal data of Itella’s customers for the purposes set out in this Policy and for making management and business decisions of the company;
  • Partners process the personal data of the Customers of Itella on behalf of Itella. These partners may process personal data only in accordance with Itella’s instructions and to the extent necessary to fulfil the obligations arising from the contract between the partner and Itella. When using partners, we exercise due diligence to ensure that they act in accordance with this Policy. Processors include, for example, transport companies (all modes of transport), courier service providers, IT service providers, equipment maintenance partners, advertising and marketing agencies that perform marketing activities on behalf of Itella, debt collection company. These third parties may not use personal data for a purpose other than the provision of the service agreed with Itella. We enter into data processing agreements with the processors that process personal data on Itella’s behalf, in which we define the circumstances of personal data processing, undertake to implement appropriate security measures and ensure the lawfulness and confidentiality of the processing of customer data;
  • In the cases provided for by law, we may transfer the personal data of Customers to public authorities (e.g. police, prosecutors, courts, etc.). We do this only in the cases provided by law, applying the prescribed measures;
  • We transmit the personal data of Customers to third parties only with the Customers consent that we have obtained in connection with a specific service or purpose;
  • We may also transmit the payment default data of Customers to companies dealing payment defaults in accordance with the rules prescribed by law to persons who disclose payment defaults. Itella has the right to submit information about debtors (i.e. persons who have not performed their financial obligations to Itella in a timely and proper manner) to companies that manage information about debtors and submit data to third parties for the purpose of managing creditworthiness and arrears. The data of the debtor are submitted under the terms and conditions provided by law only after the person has been notified of a violation of financial obligations;
  • We transmit the personal data of Customers to companies engaged in debt collection to the extent necessary for the initiation and performance of debt collection;
  • Providers of legal, audit and other special services, bailiffs, etc. On other grounds provided or permitted by law;
  • In relation to mergers and acquisitions and various business transactions and transfers.

If you have more specific questions about Itella’s processors, please send an e-mail to