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Category: Terms and conditions

GLS parcel minimum and maximum weights/measurements:

Min. weight 100 gMax. weight 40 kg
Min. length 15 cmMax. length 200 cm
Min. width 15 cmMax. width 80 cm
Min. height 1 cmMax. height 60 cm
Max. dimensions (1x longest side + 2x width + 2x height) 300 cm


The time for placing an order for collection on the same day in Tallinn is no later than 12:00, elsewhere in Estonia at 11:00. Collection orders received later takes place on the next working day or, if possible, on the day of placing the order (working day).
Parcels are sorted on automatic sorting lines, which control the size and weight of the parcels.
Please note that parcels move along the sorting line with other parcels weighing up to 40 kg, as a result of which the parcel may fall under other, heavier parcels and, in addition, the parcel may be shaken due to the difference in height between different parts of the sorting line.
If a violation of the requirements regarding the permitted weight or dimensions is identified, an additional invoice will be sent to the transport subscriber, which is 50 € + VAT. Itella Estonia OÜ has no obligation to inform the subscriber if the parcel (s) is/are over weight or over size.


The service offered is a courier service and parcels are delivered according to the address on the parcel.
If the recipient of the parcel is a private person, the parcels may also be handed over to neighbors or delivered to the nearest parcel point / ParcelShop.
GLS does not have a pre-arranged customer service.
In Sweden, parcels for private consignees are delivered by courier only if the parcel weighs more than 20 kg. All parcels to private consignees weighing less than 20 kg are immediately sent to the parcel point / ParcelShop.
For more details, visit the GLS website.


For GLS orders, pick-up will take place within 2 business days.
Orders received later to Itella than 16:30 cannot be picked up on the next business day. It is also not possible to order collection for the same working day.
The time of collection depends on the collections area and also on the public holidays in the country of departure, which we ask you to specify with the sender of the goods when ordering.
Parcels are collected during the normal working day of the country of departure. Generally, the time of collection is agreed with the sender, but this may vary depending on the departure country.
All GLS import orders are entered into the GLS ordering environment. In the country of departure, the order is printed, also the address label. Collection and label is given to the courier who will make the pick up.
The courier must attach the label to the parcel as soon as it has been picked up from the sender.


GLS parcels are delivered either by courier or to the customer’s nearest parcel locker within 48 hours after sorting the parcel at Itella hub.
In the case of a courier, a notification is sent to the recipient by SMS or email with exact time range when the courier reaches the address.
You can configure your preferred parcel locker in our self-service


For example, delicate / fragile goods, foodstuffs, temperature-sensitive products, hazardous substances, documents, valuables, etc. must not be sent with GLS.
Information on prohibited goods can be found here.

List of goods/products that are not allowed to be sent to Great Britain, you will find at the end of this page.

If you have any questions, please contact Itella’s customer service or sales department, whose contacts can be found here.


The movement of parcels in the hub takes place along automated sorting lines, as a result of which we ask you to take into account the possibility that the parcel may be shaken and / or fall under other parcels weighing up to 40 kg. The goods must be packed in accordance with the specific nature of the contents of the parcel and with the consideration that the parcels move on sorting lines.


If the parcel fails to be delivered, the parcel will move to the nearest parcel point / ParcelShop or back to the distribution hub, and the customer will be notified of the arrival.
Parcels are stored in ParcelShop for up to 8 working days and in the distribution hub for up to 4 working days. The sender will not be notified separately about returns.
The transport invoice for the returned parcel is sent to the transport subscriber.
In case of import orders to Estonia, the parcels are stored in Itella Estonia OÜ hub for up to 10 working days, after which the parcel is obliged to be returned to the sender.


There are no additional services available for GLS parcels.


When sending from Estonia, orders must be placed in SmartShip and the parcels will be labeled by the sender with labels got from Smartship.
To cancel, change orders, receive assistance or other questions related to transport, please contact customer service:
Price inquiries for parcels that do not qualify for the GLS service, please send to:


To order parcels from Europe to Estonia, orders must be made in SmartShip or by email sending order details to
Please do not send the labels received from Smartship to the sender because GLS parcels are labeled by GLS and the parcels move to Estonia with a GLS label.
To cancel, change orders, receive assistance or other questions related to transport, please contact customer service:
Price inquiries for parcels that do not qualify for the GLS service, please send to:


These delivery time are calculated for collections from Tallinn / Harjumaa.
In case of collection from other areas in Estonia, +1 working day will be added to the delivery time.
+1 working day will be added to parcels sent via parcel locker.
Delivery time is expected and does not include a time promise.
For more information, please contact Itella’s customer service or sales department.

* Customs clearance is required when sending a parcel to the indicated countries, regardless of the value of the goods.

Collection in EstoniaExpected delivery time (days)
Albania (AL) *6
Andorra (AD) *6
Austria (AT)5
Belgium (BE)5
Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA) *7-8
Bulgaria (BG)7-8
Faroe Islands (FO) *6
Gibraltar (GI) *6
Spain (ES)5-7
Netherlands (NL)5
Croatia (HR)6
Ireland (IE)5-6
Iceland (IS) *6
Italy (IT)5-7
Kosovo (XK) *7
Greece (GR)6-8
Cyprus (CY)7
Liechtenstein (LI) *5
Luxembourg (LU)5
Delivery countriesMalta (MT)6
Monaco (MC)6
Montenegro (ME) *7
Poland (PL)3
Portugal (PT)5-8
France (FR)5-6
Northern Macedonia (MK) *7
Sweden (SE)5-6
Romania (RO)6
Germany (DE)4
San Marino (SM) *5
Slovakia (SK)6
Slovenia (SI)6
Great Britain (UK) * 4-7
Switzerland (CH) *5
Denmark (DK)5
Czech Republic (CZ)4
Turkey (TR) *6-7
Hungary (HU)5
Vatican (VA) *5


Customs tariff codeExplanation
15xxxAnimal and vegetable fats and oils. Their cleavage products, processed edible fats. Animal or vegetable waxes
24xxxTobacco and manufactured tobacco substitutes
25xxxSalts, sulfur, minerals, graphite, any kind of quartz, kaolin, clay, loam, chalk, phosphates, sulphates, marble, fossils, concrete, stones, gravel, lime
26xxxOres, slag and ash
27xxxMineral fuels, mineral oils and products thereof, coal of all kinds
28xxxInorganic chemicals, all kinds of chemicals, oxygen, helium, all kinds of noble gases
3001000000 – 3004000000Organs, glands, whether of human or animal origin, blood, micro-organisms, plasma, all kinds of medicines
3401000000 – 3403999999All kinds of soaps, detergents, lubricants, waxes,
3701000000Plates and sheets, sensitized, not exposed to X – rays
3703000000 – 3704999999Paper, paperboard and textiles, photographic, sensitized, unexposed
31xxxAll kinds of fertilizers
32xxxDye extracts, tannins, all vegetable and animal dyes
33xxxEssential oils or waxes, aftershave fragrances, perfumes, cosmetics for make-up or skin care (cosmetics), shower gels and all kinds of shampoos, toothpastes, shaving preparations,
35xxxProteins, modified starches, glues of all kinds
36xxxPowder and explosives, including accessories, fireworks, pyrotechnic articles, empty cartridges
38xxxmiscellaneous chemical products of tariff heading 38xxx
41xxxAll kinds of skins
43xxxFurskins and artificial fur; and all products made of
44xxxAll kinds of wood, wood products, charcoal
4501000000 – 4501999999Natural cork
51xxxWool, fine or coarse animal hair or products thereof, waste of wool or of fine animal hair
67xxxFeathers and down and articles made of feathers or of down (pillows, blankets, flowers), of human or animal origin
7101000000 – 7102999999Diamonds and real pearls
7112000000 – 7118999999Waste and scrap of precious metal or of metal cladding and all products made of