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PickUp Parcel Sweden & Denmark Terms of Service until 07.07.2024

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PickUp Parcel Sweden & Denmark Terms of Service until 07.07.2024
Category: Terms and conditions

PickUp Parcel is a parcel point service that sends parcels to over 3000 parcel points in Sweden and Denmark.

Contact the Itella Estonia sales department via e-mail at to use the service.
Orders can be submitted in the Smartship self-service or through the e-shop interface by selecting PickUp Parcel for delivery and Customer Return for return.

PickUP Parcel permitted parcel weights and measurements  

WeightLength Width Height 
Min100 g23 cm23 cm1 cm
Max (parcel locker)20 kg60 cm40 cm40 cm
Weight Size
Max (pakipunkt)20 kg150 x 60 x 60 cm, pikkus + ümbermõõt max 300 cm 

Service description 

Business clients are able to transfer PickUp Parcel parcels to Itella via a parcel locker using a personal door code or a courier by submitting a pick-up order to

PickUp Parcel parcels are delivered to either a parcel locker or parcel point in Sweden or Denmark. You can select a specific parcel locker or parcel point when submitting an order.

Parcel point and parcel locker locations in Sweden and Denmark.

The parcel will be stored for 14 days; thereafter, it will be returned to the sender.

Destination countries and delivery time 

Destination country Estimated delivery time 
Sweden 3-6
Denmark 3-5

Delivery time is in working days (Monday-Friday).

Delivery times are estimated and do not contain a guaranteed time.

If the pick-up occurs outside of Tallinn, an additional day is added to the delivery time.

Extra services

Extra services Service description 
Payer and sender differFor example, the service can be used if the parcel recipient pays the transport fees. The payer must have either a Post or an Itella client number.


Use the Customer Return service in order to return a parcel.Parcels can be returned through parcel points. Individuals can also return parcels to the same parcel locker from which they collected the parcel in Denmark.

The return label can be included with the parcel by creating them together when submitting the order or it can be sent to the recipient separately (e.g. if a different parcel point is selected for the return). The pre-printed return label is valid for three months.


  • The value of the parcel cannot exceed €1000 including VAT.
  • Packaging – parcels move along automated sorting lines in terminals. The goods must be packaged in accordance with the specific contents of the parcel. Packaging conditions are available here.
  • Itella Estonia OÜ’s applicable general and delivery terms and conditions, packaging requirements, forbidden parcels, Itella’s responsibility and other information are all available here.
  • Dangerous goods and different-sized parcels outside of PickUP Parcel standards cannot be transported with this service.
  • Making orders: Orders are finalised in SmartShip and the goods are labelled with the labels received from SmartShip by the sender.
  • If help is required regarding orders or in other transport-related questions, please contact our customer service at