Continued appreciation for Smartpost services

Kantar Emor’s Net Promoter Score benchmark survey for this year reveals that Estonians ranked Smartpost Itella’s parcel delivery service as the second best in terms of service experience. Cinamon cinema was awarded first place.

This year, Smartpost Itella’s NPS score came in at 52 which is an excellent result because their previous average NPS score for parcel delivery services was 39. Considering that we are not in the business of entertainment we achieved an exceptionally strong position. Cinemas were not mapped last year.

Bookstore Rahva Raamat came third, followed by Apollo Kino and Urr & Nurr. DPD dropped out of last year’s top five (coming in seventh this year) and Omniva positioned on the 26th place.

According to the survey, 61% of Smartpost Itella users recommend the service, 31% are neutral and only 9% would not recommend the service.

Our websites and received the highest rating among online services provided by parcel delivery companies (NPS score 33), followed by Smartpost’s self-service environment (which scored 32) and Omniva’s self-service environment came in third place (with a score of 22).

Customers cited Smartpost Itella’s speed, convenience, simplicity, reliability, weatherproof nature as well as good customer service.

We owe this incredible achievement to our dedicated and professional team who has been working very hard all year. Thank you!

Kantar Emor’s survey was conducted between 21 February and 8 March 2022. The sample size was 2121 Estonian residents aged 15-74. The goal of Kantar Emor’s NPS survey is to annually measure the recommendation rating of different companies based on real customer experiences. During the survey, respondents were asked to recall their last specific interactions with a company in a particular field and to rate their experience through a recommendation value based on these recent experiences.
NPS is a widely used KPI around the world, being one of the key business metrics for assessing different customer experiences.

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