Smartpost service is an Estonian favourite

A recent Kantar Emor survey shows that Estonian residents heartily recommend the Smartpost service to their friends. Within a year, Smartpost’s ranking rose from 7th to the 5th place.

The NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey measures the willingness of people to recommend various companies whose services they have recently used to their friends and acquaintances. The most recommended companies in Estonia are Artis cinema, Jetoil petrol station, Lux Express bus company and Rahva Raamat bookstore.

According to the survey, 58% of Smartpost Itella users recommend its services to others, 30% are neutral and only 12% would not recommend its services. The survey showed that Smartpost is most recommended by people with higher, middle as well as lower incomes.

Last year, Smartpost was ranked 7th, so it has risen by 2 places in a year. Smartpost’s recommendation index was 47, whilst DPD’s and Omniva’s were 36 and 35 respectively. This year, DPD ranked 16th and Omniva 18th. Based on the Kantar Emor survey, Smartpost has been number one in its industry for years.

In the online services category of its area, Smartpost’s self service was ranked as high as the 3rd place, followed by Smartpost’s website The best web services offers Cargobus: its website and selfservice got top 2 positions.

Concerning Smartpost services, customers highlighted the speed of the service the most, while reliability, ease of use, good quality and, of course, weather resistance were pointed out a lot as well.

The NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey of Estonia’s biggest service companies measures recommendations based on actual experiences. A total of 68 companies were included in the survey this year. Kantar Emor conducted the survey online between 28 February and 14 March, 2024 with 2116 Estonian residents aged 15-74 participating.

According to Kantar Emor survey expert Kaisa Esko, people appreciate the balance between a good price and the quality. As the results of the NPS survey show, Smartpost can provide this to its customers. Smartpost’s achievement of reaching the top 5 is all the more significant, as although it is not a part of the entertainment industry, it is still able to keep pace with companies that offer positive experiences such as cinemas and bookshops. This shows that parcel delivery is a service that brings a lot of positivity to people.

You can find more information on the Kantar Emor website.

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