KIUD and Baun packaging can be returned to Smartpost parcel lockers

KIUD – the winner of Ajujaht, Smartpost Itella and Baun elevate the use of reusable packaging to a new level in Estonia. 269 Smartpost Itella parcel lockers across Estonia will now accept KIUD and Baun reusable packaging, contributing to the environmentally friendly reuse of packaging.

According to Kaie Kaas-Ojavere, the founder and CEO of KIUD, such an extensive network of parcel lockers will usher in a new era in environmentally friendly packaging return in Estonia. “The rise of e-commerce and the ever-increasing user activity bring new challenges to service providers. How to think sustainably and innovatively about the environment. This is where we come in with our environmentally friendly solution, as KIUD reusable packaging is made from textile waste generated on production lines, thereby reducing the production footprint by 50% compared to regular cardboard. Reusable packaging made of recycled materials will assuredly shape the future of e-commerce,” said Kaie Kaas-Ojavere.

According to Annika Parm, Head of Baltics Marketing and Customer Experience of Smartpost Itella, the keyword of the new logistics solution is convenience for the consumer: “Businesses are being increasingly guided by the sustainable way of thinking and it is one of our strategic priorities as well. Significant changes and solutions do not happen overnight, but step by step, we too are moving towards the future where the focus is on reducing the footprint of our activities. The cooperation between the three companies opens up new opportunities in the reusable packaging market and provides a completely new perspective for business. The extensive network of Smartpost Itella parcel lockers makes reusable packaging available to all Estonian residents, whether they live in Tallinn, Narva or Orissaare.”

According to Ana Tilkson-Jaansalu, the founder and CEO of Baun, working together in this way is an excellent example of how innovation and environmental sustainability can go hand in hand. More and more consumers expect environmentally friendly solutions from companies and the expansion of the return network through Smartpost Itella lockers supports the provision of these solutions. This allows us to offer our shopping bags, which are made from recycled plastic bottles, all over Estonia, both in the e-shop and in regular stores. Since we are operating in the rural area, we are very pleased to see that, as a result of successful cooperation, it is possible to create functional, environmentally friendly solutions outside of bigger cities as well. This is an important step in reducing the environmental impact of single-use shopping bags and we are happy to be part of this positive change.

Using and returning KIUD packaging and Baun shopping bags is easy – when making a purchase in the store, choose reusable packaging that can be returned, then later register the return using the QR code on the packaging and then you have 24 hours to take the packaging to any Smartpost parcel locker across Estonia. The deposit fee is returned as soon as the packaging has reached the packaging collection point.

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