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Trailer Specifications

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Trailer Specifications
Category: Terms and conditions
Interior measurement (m) Exterior measurement (m)
tent, 13.2m, norm. height13.202.42 – 2.452.4979.54 – 80.5313.622.53
tent, 13.6m, norm. height13.252.472.4983.6413.602.50
tent, 13.6m height13.602.47 – 2.522.6789.69 – 91.5113.622.53 – 2.55
cold storage, 13.0m13.002.452.4979.30713.202.60
cold storage, 13.2m13.202.452.4980.52713.402.60
cold storage, 13.37m13.372.452.4981.56413.602.60