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General Terms and Conditions for Services of Itella

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General Terms and Conditions for Services of Itella
Category: Terms and conditions

1.1 These general terms and conditions (hereinafter: the General Terms and Conditions) of services of Itella Estonia OÜ (hereinafter: Itella) stipulate the procedure for, as well as the terms and conditions of, provision of parcel terminal and courier delivery services.
1.2 The General Terms and Conditions apply to all contracts that have been entered into between Itella and the Client and concern the organisation of transport services of Parcels and transport of Parcels upon using either parcel terminal or courier delivery services.
1.3 The services are provided in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia and the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR).

2.1 Client – a legal person who has entered into a contract for the provision of Services by Itella;
2.2 Services – the parcel terminal or courier delivery service of a Parcel to be provided by Itella to the Client;
2.3 Package – a properly packed and marked object;
2.4 Parcel – (a) properly packed and marked Package(s) to be sent;
2.5 Sender – the person who wishes to send a Parcel to the Addressee;
2.6 Addressee – the person to whom the Parcel must be delivered and who has the right to take delivery of the Parcel;
2.7 Order – an order placed by the Client to Itella for the provision of a Service;
2.8 Courier – a person who performs courier delivery services of Parcels in Itella;
2.9 Parcel terminal – a device of fixed location that allows taking delivery of parcels from Senders and issuing them to the Addressee;
2.10 Sorting Centre – a structural unit of Itella where national and international Parcels are sorted and distributed;
2.11 Collection – the company that provides service for the collection of debts.

3.1 Parcels must be in compliance with the following requirements:
3.1.1 Minimum dimensions: Domestic parcel – 1 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm (height x width x length); International parcel – 3cm x 15cm x 25cm;
3.1.2 Maximum dimensions: Domestic/ International parcel – 60 cm x 36 cm x 60 cm;
3.1.3 Maximum weight: 35 kg;
3.2 The packaging of a Parcel is chosen by the Sender. Instructions for packing a Package can be found on the website. Packages must have been packed so that:
3.2.1 the contents of the Package cannot be accessed without damage to the packaging;
3.2.2 the outer packaging can withstand a diagonal fall from a height of 100 cm;
3.2.3 the Package does not soil or damage other packages;
3.2.4 the packaging is in compliance with its content and weight, shape and type as well as manner of transport;
3.2.5 appropriate packing accessories (corner protectors, cushioning materials, filling material, etc.) have been used to pack fragile items;
3.2.6 the marking, packing slip and/or other sign labels of a packaging may not have been placed over the corners and/or edges of the packaging.

4.1 It is prohibited to send the following objects and goods with Itella services:
4.1.1 highly perishable foodstuffs;
4.1.2 radioactive, explosive, caustic, toxic or inflammable substances or substances sensitive to cold;
4.1.3 containers filled with liquid that are not tightly closed and packed in a breaking-proof manner;
4.1.4 money, bank cards, coins in circulation, securities, bonds, precious metals and stones;
4.1.5 identity documents, travel documents, permits or documents giving a special status;
4.1.6 live plants, animals, birds, fishes;
4.1.7 sharp items without a special packaging;
4.1.8 narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances;
4.1.9 ammunition and weapons.
4.2 Itella does not assume any liability for Parcels of prohibited content.
4.3 Itella has the right to suspend any further delivery of Parcels of prohibited content and destroy the Parcels that pose a risk to the health of the employees of Itella or that of third parties or to their health or the environment and to other Parcels.
4.4 The Sender undertakes to compensate for any damage and cost incurred in connection with the prohibited substances or Parcels that are not in compliance with the packing requirements.

5.1 Parcel terminal service of Smartpost – is available for the Client seven days a week (from Monday to Sunday). Parcel terminals are located in internal conditions of buildings, the locations can be found on the website. The Sender inserts a Parcel in a parcel terminal in the Republic of Estonia and the Parcel will be delivered to an Addressee in Estonia to a parcel terminal and to an Addressee in Finland either to a parcel terminal or to a post office. The Parcel is available for the Addressee according to the Package transport schedule that can be found on the website. The Addressee is informed of an arrived Parcel and the location of the Parcel by an SMS. The message contains the door code necessary for opening the door. A Parcel is stored in a parcel terminal for 7 (seven) calendar days. A fee must be paid for forwarding the Parcel to the Addressee according to the size of the Parcel. The size of a Package is determined according to the height x width x depth dimensions of the Package. In total, a distinction is made between 5 (five) different sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL). The Packages to be sent are measured in the Sorting Centre and the forwarding charges are calculated according to the size determined in the Sorting Centre. This is a certified and fully automatic solution. Business clients can insert Packages for pick-up in a parcel terminal in lockers of S to XL sizes.
5.2 SmartKULLER – courier delivery service, on six days a week (from Monday to Saturday) Parcels are delivered on the day following the day of placing an Order (except on Sunday and on small islands). The Addressee can themselves choose a period of time suitable for the receipt of the Parcel (from 9:00 to 17:00 or from 17:00 to 21:00 or from 9:00 to 21:00) and order the goods to work or home. The information of arrival is sent to the Addressee by an SMS in the morning of the day of delivery of the Parcel. The Courier calls the Addressee before arrival. At the request of the Addressee, a Parcel may also be directed to a suitable parcel terminal without any additional fee. The Parcel is handed over to the Addressee on the basis of a unique code that is sent to the Addressee by an SMS. A fee must be paid for forwarding the Parcel to the Addressee according to the size of the Parcel. The size of a Package is determined similarly to the Smartpost parcel terminal service. In total, a distinction is made between 6 (six) different sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL).
5.3 Additional services:
5.3.1 Return service – the Addressee has an opportunity to send, through the parcel terminal, goods ordered from an Internet store or catalogue back to the Sender without charge within 14 (fourteen) days. A Parcel can be returned with the same door code that was used upon receipt of the Parcel from Smartpost parcel terminals in Estonia. The Sender pays for the return service of the Parcel.
5.3.2 SmartEXPRESS – on four days a week (from Tuesday to Friday) Parcels arrive at a parcel terminal of the place of destination on the same day. A prerequisite for the delivery to the place of destination on the same day is that EXPRESS Parcels reach a terminal of Itella no later than at 13:00. On public holidays, no deliveries are made on the same day.
5.3.3 Cash-on-delivery service – the Addressee pays for the goods in the Parcel upon receipt of the goods at a parcel terminal with a bank card. The Sender pays for the forwarding charges of the cash-on-delivery parcel and the payment forward for the additional service. Itella transfers the amount of the payment forward to the bank account specified by the Sender.
5.3.4 Ordering a Courier – a Courier can be ordered to take Parcels from a warehouse or office. The Courier comes to take orders placed in Tallinn and Harju County on working days before 12:00 on the same day, elsewhere in Estonia upon an agreement.
5.3.5 Identification of the Addressee with an identity card or verification of their age – upon identifying the Addressee of a Parcel with an identity card, it is necessary to know the personal identification code of the Addressee, which must be indicated in an order when placing the order. On the basis of an identity card only the person whose personal identification code is specified in the order can receive a Parcel from a parcel terminal. In the event of verification of age, the age of the Addressee is verified on the basis of an identity card upon issue of the Parcel. A Parcel can be received from 10:00 to 22:00.
5.3.6 Warehouse service – Itella also provides its clients with warehouse services from the receipt and storage of the goods until the goods are completed and handed over.
5.3.7 Delivery notice of a Parcel – a notice is sent to the Sender by an SMS or e-mail when the Addressee has taken the Parcel out of the parcel terminal.
5.3.8 Redirection of a Parcel – if a Parcel has, by mistake, been sent to an incorrect parcel terminal, it can be redirected, at the request of a business client, to the parcel terminal chosen by the Addressee.
5.3.9 Extending the storage period – at the request of the Addressee, a storage period of 7 (seven) days can be extended by another 7 (seven) days, which is for the Addressee without charge.
5.4 Parcel terminal, courier delivery and additional services are paid for on the basis of the price list established by Itella.

6.1 The Client undertakes to pay Itella for the provision of the Services a fee pursuant to the valid price list.
6.2 Itella has the right to amend the price list once a year by informing the Client thereof no less than 30 (thirty) calendar days in advance.
6.3 The Client pays for the Services provided during a calendar month on the basis of an invoice by the 14th (fourteenth) day of the following month.
6.4 If the Client delays with payment of an invoice for more than 14 (fourteen) calendar days, Itella has the right to limit the provision of the Service.
6.5 If the Client has exceeded the payment deadline by 21 (twenty-one) days, Itella has the right to assign the claim to a collection company for Collection. All the service fees for the Collection are paid by the Client pursuant to the price list of the Collection in addition to the amount of the unpaid invoice.

7.1 Itella is liable for the loss of, decrease in, and damage to a Parcel occurring between the time when it takes over the Parcel for carriage and the time of delivery, as well as for any delay in delivery of the Parcel.
7.2 Itella is relieved of liability for the loss of, decrease in, damage to, or delay in the delivery of a Parcel and for any other damage, incl. damage caused to third parties, if the reason therefor is:
7.2.1 a mistake or breach of the terms and conditions of the contract by the Client;
7.2.2 damage arising from the properties of the goods in the Parcel, e.g. breakage, leakage, decay, rust, fermentation, etc.;
7.2.3 the lack of, or defective condition of packaging;
7.2.4 incorrect or incomplete address or marking of the Parcel;
7.2.5 breach of an obligation or causing damage due to force majeure.
7.3 The compensation payable for the loss of or decrease in the goods in the Parcel is calculated on the basis of the acquisition cost indicated in the invoice.
7.3.1 If damage is caused to the goods, compensation for the damage covers, in particular, the reasonable costs of repairing the goods and the potential decrease in the value of the goods.
7.3.2 The Client must prove that the damaged goods have no residual value;
7.3.3 In addition, pursuant to the CMR Convention, the carriage charges, customs duties and other charges incurred in respect of the carriage of a Parcel will be refunded.
7.4 The Client has the right to demand compensation for the loss of a Parcel if the goods have not been delivered:
7.4.1 within 30 (thirty) days following the expiry of the agreed time-limit for carriage;
7.4.2 within 60 (sixty) days if there is no agreed time-limit.
7.5 Itella assumes liability for the damage to or loss of a Parcel, pursuant to the CMR Convention and the Law of Obligations Act, in an amount of up to SDR 8.33 per kilogram of the gross weight of the damaged or lost Parcel. SDR (‘Special Drawing Rights’) is the accounting unit used by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and its amount depends on the published exchange rate .
7.6 If it has been proved that the delay in the delivery of the goods has caused damage to the Client, Itella is obliged to compensate for the damage in the amount that does not exceed the amount of forwarding charges.
7.7 Itella does not compensate for any indirect damages or loss of profit.
7.8 The Client is obliged to compensate Itella for the damage caused by:
7.8.1 defective packing, marking or declaration of the Parcel;
7.8.2 Itella is obliged to pay customs duties or other official charges or provide securities.

8.1 When processing personal data, Itella follows the applicable data protection laws, international data protection legislation and the provisions, orders, instructions and recommendations laid down by the competent data protection authorities. The principles of personal data processing that form an integral part of general terms and conditions can be found on the webpage.
8.2 Itella processes following personal data:
8.2.1 Customer’s, Sender’s and Recipient’s contact data (name, address, location, phone number, e-mail address);
8.2.2 Customer’s payment data;
8.2.3 In the case of additional services “The recipient’s identification with ID card or age identification” the data of the identity document and personal identification code;
8.2.4 When participating in campaigns the participant’s contact data and other submitted data.
8.3 Personal data are processed in the manner laid down in the principles and to the extent necessary for the provision of services, i.e. for the reception, sorting, transport, levying and delivery of packages. In other cases, i.e. for carrying out marketing campaigns and lotteries, Itella will process personal data with the Customer’s consent.
8.4 In the framework of service provision forwarding personal data is permitted without the additional consent of the Customer:
8.4.1 To Itella’s subcontractors who are used for the provision of the service;
8.4.2 To persons and authorities to whom forwarding data is necessary for the provision of the chosen service or is required by law or for the protection of public interests.
8.5 Itella will preserve data as long as necessary for the achievement of the objective or by the deadline prescribed by law.
8.6 Itella will apply appropriate organisational and technical protective measures to ensure the required level of security during personal data processing.
8.7 In connection with their personal data the Customer is entitled to:
8.7.1 Receive information from Itella about their personal data and the use thereof in the manner and to the extent prescribed in the law;
8.7.2 Demand that Itella stop using their personal data in the circumstances prescribed by law and the amendment, closing and deletion thereof;
8.7.3 Consent to or prohibit the use of their personal data for direct marketing or marketing purposes, notifying Itella thereof;
8.7.4 Turn to the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate and court if their rights are violated.

9.1 The Client must submit to Itella any complaints and claims for the compensation for damage concerning damage to, decrease in, loss of or delay in the delivery of a Parcel in writing along with the documents substantiating the claim.
9.2 If damage to or partial loss of a Parcel is noticeable upon external inspection when handing over or receiving the Parcel, Itella must be informed thereof immediately.
9.3 If the damage could not be established upon conventional receipt of the Parcel by the Addressee, the Client may submit to Itella a complaint or a claim for the compensation for damage no later than within 7 (seven) calendar days of the day when the Parcel was handed over or issued to the Addressee of the Parcel.
9.4 Itella has the right to demand, for the purposes of an expert assessment, the submission of the damaged Parcel.
9.5 Any disputes between Itella and the Client are, first of all, subject to resolution by way of negotiations between the parties. Failing agreement, the disputes are resolved in Harju County Court.

[1] E.g. calculation of the amount of compensation for damage payable in the event of damage to goods that weigh 1 kg – kg x 8.33 x SDR: 1 x 8.33 x 1.278460 = EUR 10.65. (29 November 2016).

The SDR rates can be found on the website .