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Collect on Delivery service

Info & help
Collect on Delivery service
Category: Additional services

Accepting a Collect on Delivery payment in Estonia 0.96 € + VAT 20% (per every payment made).

Accepting a Collect on Delivery payment in Finland 2.90 € + VAT 20% (per every payment made).

Upon receipt of the goods, the addressee can pay for the goods by bank card at the parcel terminal.

Collect on Delivery payments will be transferred to the sender’s bank account once a week (payments made the previous week).
When transferring the Collect on Delivery amount, we do not deduct the 1.5% interchange fee from the amount, instead we settle the interchange fee on the monthly summary invoice.

In order to use additional services, you must activate the services in the smartpost self-service.

Smartpost service charges:

0.30 € + VAT (20%) per parcel in addition to the parcel delivery cost.