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All you need to know about the e-fulfillment service

The Smartpost Itella’s goal is to support entrepreneurs with its warehouse logistics experience and solutions and be a professional partner for e-shops in developing their business. Raivo Roolaid, Warehouse Logistics Director of the company, explains in more detail what the owner of an e-shop should pay attention to when choosing a logistics partner and what are the features that characterise the field at a time when e-commerce is rapidly gaining popularity.

Focus on business development

“As the quality leader of the market, we see that many merchants try to do a lot by themselves. They deal with sourcing, transportation, warehousing, assembly and deliveries. That is in addition to customer service and advertising,” says the Warehouse Logistics Director at Smartpost Itella.

He says that at the same time, most of these activities do not create direct added value for the merchant, instead, they require additional resources, while they cannot be left undone. “The e-shop owner should ideally be focusing on developing their business. This means growing sales, increasing market share and improving the customer experience. By entrusting the e-fulfillment service to a company specialised in this, the merchant can focus on activities that create more added value for them and their customers,” says Raivo Roolaid.

According to Roolaid, there are many complete logistics solution providers for e-shops in Estonia: unfortunately, most of the smaller e-shops organise their own warehouse and logistics. “They do this mainly in their living room, garage or in a smaller rented warehouse space. Making a good choice among providers may not be easy. When choosing a partner, you should find a reliable service provider who has long-term goals to operate in the market and who does not immediately close the warehouse when the first difficulties arise,” says Roolaid.

Smartpost Itella as a trendsetter

Smartpost Itella has long-term experience in the field of warehouse and logistics and is one of the trendsetters in the Baltic and Scandinavian regions. “Having operated in Estonia for over 20 years and in Finland for even longer, we know well how the logistics sector works. We have a clear vision of what it will look like in the near future as well as in many years from now. The e-fulfillment service is quite new in Estonia, which is why we pay a lot of attention to explaining and introducing the advantages of the service to e-shop owners,” explains the warehouse logistics director at Smartpost Itella.

Roolaid presents the following aspects that characterise Itella as the service provider.

– Cost savings. “It’s worth thinking about how much the rental space in a shopping centre costs per square metre in euros and what the shop’s expenses for storage and personnel are, for example,” says Roolaid.
– Possibility to convert fixed costs into variable costs, paying only for the service actually used
– Essentially allowing the merchant to have an unlimited selection of goods (versus the possibilities of getting more sales space in retail chains)
– Increasing the export capacity and the opportunity to sell goods not only in Estonia but also in the Baltics, Scandinavia and elsewhere
E-fulfillment full service solution possibility (receipt and checking of goods, storage, assembly, packing and deliveries to the parcel lockers). “This is a convenience service, where all services can be obtained from one place,” says Roolaid.
– Track & trace overview of orders
– Overview and monitoring of inventory, orders, etc. in real time
– Local customer support and very good customer service

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Smartpost Itella has customers from different sectors, several of whom are brands that are very well-known and loved by consumers in Estonia. In addition, we are a logistics partner for many small and medium-sized customers.

“E-commerce as a whole continues to grow, as e-shops have a very wide selection of goods, mostly with good prices and it is clearly a convenience service. Moreover, buying from the e-shop helps customers to avoid emotional purchases, which has a very positive effect on the consumer’s wallet,” says Roolaid.

Find out more about the Smartpost Itella e-fulfillment service here and ask for an offer.

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