With a reliable logistics partner the world seems small

Our goal is to provide our customers a high-quality and convenient service. In a fast-growing and evolving world, it is important that everything is available from one place. As Itella’s service portfolio is full of opportunities, you will also find something suitable for you. In addition to the smartpost service, we deliver both packages and pallets in different directions, covering the entire Baltics, Scandinavia and Europe, whether on wheels, in the air or at sea.

Courier service – we deliver the good from door to door fast and secure. The service is available in Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania and Europe.

International road freight – our road transport service covers all of Europe. Along with Itella’s units and partners we deliver goods every day across Scandinavia and continental Europe.

Domestic road freight – our service takes oversize packages and pallets across all of Estonia. Whether it be a small parcel, a full truckload or a partial truckload – we will deliver everything door-to-door for private as well as business clients.

Carriage of hanging garments – we have specially equipped vehicles that have been customised for the carriage of hanging garments. We transport garments directly to shopping centres, sales outlets and offices.

Shopping centre deliveries – we deliver goods to all shopping centres in Estonia. If there are no storage rooms, we deliver goods directly to the sales area.

Air and sea freight – for a customer who needs either a standard service or an individual solution. You can be sure that your shipments will arrive on time, in the right place and in the right way.

Warehousing – our warehousing solutions enable storaging (including in a customs warehouse and customs terminal) as well as various additional services related to sorting, marking, packaging, finishing and processing of goods.

Contact us, find out more or ask for a quote: ariklient@smartpost.ee

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