Five reasons for sending parcels from self-service

The first reason is the convenient user experience on a smart phone or a computer. An environment that works well on a computer, but not on a mobile, is useless.

The second reason is to register several parcels at the same time (by uploading the information directly from Excel if you want to save even more time) and also pay for them. This is useful for small manufacturers, who send their goods all over Estonia via parcel terminals. This could take more than 10 minutes if you had to type all the details in on the screen of a terminal. You cannot get in anyone’s way when you use self-service and after paying for the parcels, the sender gets several door codes that are valid for 30 days. Go to the parcel terminal and get everything done in an instant – just keep in mind that one locker can only be used for one parcel, no matter how small it is.

The third reason is entering your favourite locations in the settings. You can select three terminals for parcel collection in the self-service – Itella will use them to deliver international parcels, so you don’t have to wait for a courier. NB! These three favourite terminals will become particularly important in winter, when Estonians order a lot of goods from China.
Parcel terminals in good locations are often overburdened at Christmas time, but if you have your preferences set, Itella will deliver your parcel to another one of your favourite locations if necessary.

The fourth and the fifth reasons are that parcels are easy to track and data can be saved in the self-service environment. Once you have entered your data, the website will start offering them to you by default. You will also find an overview of earlier orders in self-service and can change the size of the locker if you think that the parcel would not fit in the pre-selected one.

If these five reasons don’t make you change your mind, you can always carry on using the terminals in the old way. The new self-service environment welcomes everyone at the address

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