Parcels picked up quickly shorten delivery times

Black Friday and the Black Weekend have pushed parcel volumes well above the normal levels and they are likely to remain high until Christmas. As a result, parcels may arrive more slowly than usual.

The most used parcel lockers may not always have room for all parcels. We urge people ordering parcels to pick up their parcels as soon as possible – to make room for their next parcels and for those of others. We recommend e-shops to remind their customers of this as well – then all parcels will be delivered faster.

If the parcel locker where you ordered your parcel is full, we may reroute your parcel to the nearest available parcel locker. If this parcel locker is not suitable for you, you will have the option of having your parcel rerouted to the most suitable parcel locker. However, it is important to know that this parcel will be returned to the sorting centre, will be sorted again, and will therefore take even longer to arrive.

In addition, we recommend packing the shipments in smaller boxes, but only if you are able to do it correctly while taking the packing requirements into consideration. There are more XS, S and M size lockers than L and XL lockers, so smaller parcels are generally more likely to be delivered faster.

Due to the increased parcel volumes, the volume of calls to Smartpost customer service is also higher than usual. Our customer service representatives will try to answer your questions as soon as possible, but you may have to wait longer than usual on the call queue. Many questions can be answered on the FAQ page, and you can track your parcel here.

Until 23 December, the filling and emptying of Smartpost parcel lockers will be carried out more frequently than usual: we will do it every weekday according to the Tuesday schedule.

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