Last year brought 37 new locations

Recent years have considerably increased the significance of e-commerce in consumer preferences. In 2023, Smartpost Itella continued the planned expansion and opened 37 new locations for customers. We are second in Estonia in terms of parcel locker and parcel point coverage and wish to become one of the outright leaders in the Baltic States.

Last year, we added 11 new parcel lockers and 26 new parcel points. We will continue our strategic expansion to be present everywhere in Estonia and continue to be the sector’s leader for quality.

Although the e-commerce is used all over Estonia, according to our statistics, the most popular parcel locker is located in Peetri Selver (pictured).

When analysing the growth of e-commerce, we can see the consumer behaviour for picking up parcels. Almost a fifth of parcel recipients pick up their parcel within the first two hours of its delivery. XL and L-sized parcels are picked up faster than smaller ones. We are delighted to see that last December, parcels were picked up about an hour sooner than in the previous months.

In 2023, the most parcels were sent in March, November and December. The global shopping holidays in November have become firmly established in the shopping behaviour of people in Estonia over time. In addition, early ordering of Christmas presents is becoming more and more common. People plan and prepare for the Christmas holidays more purposefully than years ago.

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