Data breach incident

Yesterday morning, 7 November, the Information System Authority informed Itella Estonia OÜ of a potential data breach, upon which our IT department immediately began investigating the situation and, in cooperation with data processors, eliminated the cause of the breach from the system.

As far as we are aware, the breach affected 69 business clients of Itella Estonia, with whom we have since been in direct contact to inform them of the situation. We have also informed the Data Protection Inspectorate of the incident. The National Criminal Police have launched an investigation into the breach.

At present we are continuing to look into the precise cause of the breach so as to avoid such situations arising again in the future. Based on what we have learned so far, we can confirm that sensitive data (including financial data) did not leak.

We are very disappointed that such an incident occurred and apologise to all of our clients affected by the situation.

Itella Estonia is doing everything within its power, in cooperation with its IT department and partners, to determine the exact details of the incident so as to guarantee the secure protection of the data of our clients and of their clients in turn.

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