Valentine’s day makes people send parcels

E-commerce is becoming more and more popular in the week of Valentine’s day, and the change in the volumes of parcels sent by private customers is especially noticeable. A year ago, private customers sent 62% more parcels than usual the day before Valentine’s day. Similar user activity can be seen this year as well, Smartpost Itella noted.

While the higher-than-usual use of parcel lockers comes to the fore during November’s big sales and Christmas, Valentine’s day has also had a significant impact on parcel locker use in recent years.

“Last year, private customers sent 32% more parcels in the week of Valentine’s day than the week before. Even a day before 14 February, the volume was 62% higher than the monthly average,” Baltics Marketing and Customer Experience Manager Annika Parm points out. People send their loved ones more and more gifts on this day and if it is not possible to give the presents in person, people use modern convenient logistic solutions.

When speaking of e-shops, according to the representative of Smartpost Itella, various beauty and cosmetic product purchases increase significantly before Valentine’s day. “However, it is important to check the outdoor temperature for such products,” said Parm. “Freezing temperatures are not suitable for beauty products containing water: when they freeze, the water can separate from the other ingredients and the consistency of the product may change as a result. It is not always possible to see the change in a product’s properties after it defrosts, but unfortunately such beauty products may no longer have the properties promised by the manufacturer. Natural products are especially delicate.”

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