The most active parcel locker users are Lithuanians

According to a survey conducted in the Baltics, the most active parcel locker users are Lithuanians – at least 72% of respondents in Lithuania use the service once a month. The residents of Estonia and Latvia are more modest in this regard – 60% of them use parcel lockers once a month, Smartpost Itella and Dentsu consumer behaviour survey revealed.

In Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the most frequent users of parcel lockers are women aged 25-44. In Estonia and Latvia, parcel lockers are used more by people living in rural areas, whereas in Lithuania, the main customers are residents of big cities.

In the Baltics, there are three product groups, which stand out similarly in all three countries, for which parcel lockers are preferred. These are clothes and shoes, electronic devices, and cosmetics. In Estonia, 59% of respondents send clothes and shoes using parcel lockers, while 63% of residents do so in Latvia and Lithuania.

Estonian people use parcel lockers a little more for sending electronics and technology than other Baltic countries. 42% of people in the Estonian market use parcel lockers for such goods, whereas the same indicator is 34% in Latvia. In Lithuania, the corresponding indicator is 31%. In Latvia, compared to the other Baltic countries, the next most popular product category for using parcel lockers is medicines, and in Lithuania, books.

When it comes to consumer behaviour and the choice of a suitable service provider/parcel locker, the main deciding factor is its proximity to home. The second factor in the decision-making process is the parcel locker’s proximity to a person’s regular route and the third factor is the cost of the service.

The statistics revealed by the survey confirm the underlying principle of our strategic expansion that proximity to home is the most important factor when choosing a parcel locker. Therefore, one of our priorities is to keep expanding the existing network of parcel lockers across Baltic States to reach all people who need the service or would like to use it in the future.

Smartpost Itella added 11 new parcel lockers and 26 new parcel points in Estonia in 2023. Thus, Smartpost has the second largest network in Estonia in terms of coverage with a total of 325 locations.

31 new parcel lockers were added in Latvia last year, and Latvians now have a total of 272 locations.

Smartpost has the widest network in the Baltics in Lithuania: there are 338 locations, of which 35 new parcel lockers were installed last year.

In total, Smartpost already has 937 parcel lockers/parcel points in the Baltics.

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