Smartpost’s new sorting center received its cornerstone

Smartpost Itella’s new sorting center in Rae Parish, Estonia, received its cornerstone right before the Midsummer celebrations. The total investment is 14 million euros, and the construction of the complex is expected to be completed by January 2025.

“Placing the cornerstone is a symbolic and significant milestone in the construction of our new sorting center,” said Erich Jeerik, Head of Operations at Smartpost Itella Estonia, adding: “Although construction began only a month and a half ago, we have today reached an important interim milestone in this large project. We are very pleased to have an excellent partner in NOBE, with whom we are confident of staying on the desired schedule and quality.”

Jeerik noted that the most outstanding feature of the new sorting center is its technological solutions, with installation beginning in late autumn. “Smartpost Itella is part of the Finnish Post Group, and the new sorting center will be the largest of Posti’s sorting centers in the Baltics. This is a long-term significant investment and a strategic project for us,” added Jeerik.

“Many thanks to the client for their trust. In terms of timing, we face a big challenge, as construction progresses on a tight schedule. We can do it because we have a very capable team and good cooperation with Itella,” remarked Robert Kuusik, the project manager from NOBE.

“Due to a significant jump in package volumes, we have outgrown the capacity of the existing sorting center and it is necessary to take a qualitative step looking to the future,” Jeerik commented at the start of construction in the spring. “Therefore, by building a new sorting center, we are increasing the company’s capacity to keep up with the rapid changes in consumer behavior and continue to meet the growing demand for e-commerce in the market,” Jeerik added.

The planned area of the new sorting center is approximately 7,500 square meters. The new terminal’s construction will increase automation of processes and the sorting line’s capacity by more than double. In the future, it is possible to further expand the terminal by up to 2,400 square meters.

The sorting center, with a smart building concept, has a sensor system that allows remote control of several processes, such as energy efficiency. Additionally, the building will have significant electric vehicle charging capabilities. “When we started planning the expansion of the sorting center in 2019, electric cars were not yet as much of a reality as they are today. According to the operationally modified idea, the new sorting center is planned to have the capability to charge 82 electric cars by 2030, which we will implement in phases,” described Jeerik.

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