Always use an indoor parcel locker in sub-zero temperatures

When ordering products online, keep in mind that cold and damp weather can affect their quality. Electronics, cosmetics, liquids and, of course, medicines are the most sensitive to cold temperatures. It is always safer to order these products to be delivered to indoor parcel lockers.

Based on Kantar Emor’s e-commerce monitoring, Estonians mostly prefer to buy electronics and cosmetics online. Almost half of us buy these products from e-shops. Before pressing the ‘Buy’ button, take note of the weather and choose the delivery accordingly. If it’s minus degrees outside, having expensive items spoiled in an outdoor parcel locker due to low temperatures is not worth the risk.

Cosmetics – freezing temperatures are not suitable for beauty products containing water: water can separate from the other ingredients when freezing and the consistency of the product can therefore change. It is not always possible to see the change in a product’s properties after it defrosts, but unfortunately such beauty products may no longer be in the shape that is promised by the manufacturer. Natural cosmetic products are especially delicate. Even nail varnish can’t stand minus temperatures.

Medicines – medicines are manufactured following very strict requirements and the producers provide the information on precise temperature ranges suitable for the medicines. In most cases, medicines are intended to be stored at room temperature. Temperatures that are too low can cause physical changes in the medicines, their effects may disappear, or worst of all, the medicines can even become dangerous to your health.

Electronics – big temperature fluctuations are the enemy of these products, an electronic device brought in from the cold can break when switched on in warm indoors.

Books – books don’t like moisture, so books and other paper products (unless they are wrapped in plastic) should not be kept in a damp place.

Foodstuffs, drinks – the consistency and taste of foodstuffs may change if stored at the wrong temperature. Drinks are especially sensitive to cold: too low a temperature can change their quality and in extreme cases, break the packaging.

Ease of use also speaks in favour of indoor parcel lockers. It’s comfortable to pick up the parcel indoors – it’s lit, there is no rain or snow, your fingers don’t get cold and the screens of the parcel lockers work in any weather conditions. All Smartpost parcel lockers are situated indoors.

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