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Sending parcel to Finland

Sending parcel to Finland

Want to send a parcel from Estonia to a friend or relative living in Finland? It’s as easy as sending a parcel to someone in Estonia!

• Simply register your parcel on and then take it to any white or blue Smartpost parcel terminal.
• Alternatively, you can send it directly from one of the blue Smartpost terminals.

You can send parcels to anywhere in Finland using Smartpost – they’re delivered to Posti parcel terminals, post offices or (by courier) to the recipient’s front door.

Why use Smartpost to send parcels to Finland?

Unbeatable prices starting from just €9.98

Itella’s parent company Posti has a wealth of experience and an extensive distribution network, with a million parcels being delivered to 2300 parcel terminals and 700 post offices all over Finland every week

Parcels can be delivered to parcel terminals, post offices and (by courier) to the recipient’s front door

Parcels are quick to arrive, taking just 2-3 workdays to reach Helsinki and surrounds and 3-5 workdays to reach other parts of Finland

Registering parcels on our self-service site is quick and easy

Smartpost has been delivering its clients parcels to Finland for more than 10 years, making it the most experienced service provider of its kind in Estonia

We outdo all of our competitors on weight, delivering parcels that weigh up to 35 kg

How much does it cost to send a parcel to Finland?

Parcel dimensions (height x width x depth)Parcel weightShipping price to Finnish parcel terminalShipping price to Finnish Post OfficeShipping price to an address in Finland (by courier)
XS up to 5 cm * 34 cm * 42 cmup to 5 kg9,98 €11,99 €14,98 €
S up to 12 cm * 34 cm * 42 cmup to 35 kg10,99 €12,98 €16,99 €
M up to 20 cm * 34 cm * 42 cmup to 35 kg12,98 €14,99 €17,98 €
L up to 34 cm * 36 cm * 42 cmup to 35 kg13,99 €15,98 €20,99 €
XL up to 60 cm * 36 cm * 60 cmup to 35 kg14,99 €16,99 €24,98 €