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Parcel delivery from parcel locker to recipient by courier service

Parcel delivery from parcel locker to recipient by courier service

With the new Smartpost service, you can conveniently take a parcel to a parcel locker, where a courier can then deliver it directly to the recipient’s home, work or other designated address. Previously, Smartpost private customers could only send parcels to a parcel locker or parcel point. The parcel must be registered in the self-service at

When is it better to use the courier service instead of delivery to a parcel locker?
  • If there is no parcel locker near the recipient – for example, if they live in a rural area
  • If the recipient is unable to move – for example, if they are elderly, sick or have mobility impairment or the recipient is a mother looking after a child
  • If the parcel is heavy – the new service can be used for parcels weighing up to 35 kg (!)
  • If the recipient simply does not feel like going to the parcel locker to collect the parcel
  • Take the parcel to a parcel locker
  • The courier will deliver the parcel to the recipient
Parcel dimensions (height x width x depth)Parcel weightShipping price (in Estonia)
XS up to 5 cm * 34 cm * 42 cmup to 5 kg6,98 €
S up to 12 cm * 34 cm * 42 cmup to 35 kg7,69 €
M up to 20 cm * 34 cm * 42 cmup to 35 kg8,69 €
L up to 34 cm * 36 cm * 42 cmup to 35 kg9,68 €
XL up to 60 cm * 36 cm * 60 cmup to 35 kg12,68 €

Delivery time: 1-2 days.

Parcels can now be sent to addresses in Latvia and Lithuania in addition to parcel lockers there. This service has already been available in Finland and other European countries. Check the price list here.