We expanded the network of parcel machines again

We have expanded our parcel machine network. In August, we opened new parcel machines in Tallinn’s Linnamäe Prisma, Veskimöldre Prisma, Rakvere Raja Gross store and Audru bus terminal.

We will open the parcel machine at Rotermanni 8 Galerii, Miiduranna Konsum and Tiskre Prisma this week.

We opened a new parcel house already in July at the Väike-Maarja Gross store.

Sending a parcel from our innovative white parcel machines must be done in the self-service my.smartpost.ee. The door code is valid from the moment the shipment is processed until the evening of the next day, when the store is closed. The parcel can be delivered only from the parcel machine where the parcel is registered.

The parcel houses are easy to use – the glass facade has a smart lock that opens with the same PIN code, which also opens the parcel machine’s locker door. All parcel houses have a Smartpost white parcel machine, which enables fast sending and delivery of parcels, because several customers can use the machine at the same time. All our parcel houses are open 24/7.

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