Warning: fraudsters are sending fake links under the Smartpost name

A fraud scheme attempting to defraud people via fake links by using the Smartpost Itella name is spreading. These links are sent in relation to various online sales offers by using both Estonian and foreign telephone numbers. Meelike Paalberg, CEO of Itella Estonia, calls for people to be vigilant as a fraud scheme where fraudsters are trying to access people’s sensitive banking data is spreading. “Several Estonians have informed us of a fraud where they are sent a message in relation to an online sales offer with its content being the apparent interest regarding a sold product. A link with the logo and writing of Smartpost Itella is sent in order to confirm the transaction; this in turn leads people to a foreign website where they are asked to enter their bank card data in order to receive the money. Smartpost Itella never sends out any such links and never asks for the financial data of its customers. When such messages are received, the police should be involved immediately,” explained Paalberg.

The CEO of Itella Estonia emphasises that Smartpost only sends messages to its customers via text message and e-mail with the name of the sender always being Smartpost, and therefore any messages received from alternative communications channels such as WhatsApp should be treated with extra care. If a message is received via e-mail, it should always be examined that the domain ends in EE.

When falling victim to this fraud, Paalberg recommends filing a recovery claim with the bank in relation to the transaction and immediately closing the credit card. The Police and Border Guard Board has been informed of all the currently identified cases and Smartpost is fully cooperating with the police to catch the criminals.

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