Smartpost network has expanded considerably

We are pleased to announce that we have opened new parcel machines this summer at the following locations:

  • Kurna Park in Harjumaa
  • Kuressaare Rae Maxima in Saaremaa
  • Külitse Konsum in Tartumaa
  • Põhja-Eesti Regionaalhaigla in Tallinn

You can find the newest Smartpost parcel points in these places:

  • Eidapere library in Raplamaa
  • Lagedi Sinu store in Harjumaa
  • Lokuta store in Raplamaa
  • Tilsi store in Põlvamaa
  • Ämari Alfa store in Harjumaa

Smartpost has a 312 distribution points all over Estonia: it is the second largest network in Estonia with 259 parcel machines and 53 parcel points. You can find the locations of all Smartpost parcel machines and parcel points here.

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