Smartpost expands with parcel points

As a result of continuously increasing parcel volumes, Smartpost Itella launched a pilot project using parcel points in smaller settlements where there are no suitable indoor facilities for Smartpost parcel lockers.

“Smartpost Itella’s parcel volumes have reached a record level. Since major shopping holidays are still ahead of us, we decided to expand our network through the implementation of parcel points to mitigate the parcel transport load in Estonian settlements. The parcel points are located inside local companies, such as stores or cafés, and instead of using a regular parcel locker, the client must turn to an employee of the company to receive their parcel,” says Rauno Parras, Smartpost Itella’s Director of Parcel Transport Services. For the time being, the undertaking will remain Smartpost Itella’s pilot project. The use of parcel points will be increased in stages.

During the testing stage, new parcel points will function as shipment distribution sites, i.e. they will be used to distribute international and domestic parcels. “We will use these parcel points primarily to hand out parcels to give clients time to get used to the new parcel points and make sure the systems work. The option to send and return parcels will be added soon,” says Parras.

“Smartpost’s client promise is “well-kept” and indoor parcel lockers are part of that promise. It’s difficult to find suitable premises in smaller settlements, which is why one of the possible solutions is the use of parcel points, which can successfully be used to order temperature-sensitive products such as cosmetics, food and medicinal products. During winter, it’s vital to consider resistance to moisture and cold,” says Parras.

Once the parcel point employee has accepted the parcel from the courier, the client will receive an SMS notification with a PIN code as per usual, which is then used for retrieving the parcel from the parcel point.

The first parcel points opened on 25 October in the following locations:

  • Anna store
  • Ahula store
  • Albu store
  • Kaalepi store
  • Kanepi Mini Hiire Business
  • Saverna Buffik

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