Renewal of user interface for blue parcel lockers

We are pleased to announce that as a result of software upgrades, we have made the user interface of our blue parcel lockers easier and more convenient.

The parcel locker screen is now easier to navigate. For example, there are only two possibilities for sending a parcel – one for a customer who already has a door code for inserting the parcel (a business customer; a user of a sales or exchange portal; or a customer who has already sent a parcel via our self-service and the other for a customer who is starting the process of sending the parcel on the screen of the parcel terminal console. We have made these changes based on our customers’ previous experience using parcel lockers.

These innovations are primarily driven by technological progress, though the new version also takes into consideration the needs of a more environmentally conscious consumer. Receipts can no longer be printed from a parcel locker. Upon request, you can order a receipt for the payment transaction to be sent to your e-mail address. A receipt for non-monetary transactions will not be sent.

The status of the parcel can be tracked online at

For senders of parcels prepared using our self-service or sales portal, we have added the possibility to increase the size of the parcel lockers on the screen of the parcel locker by paying for the difference in size by bank card on the spot.

All user interfaces for blue parcel terminals will be upgraded in the coming months. We hope that the software update of Smartpost Itella parcel lockers will go smoothly and that the upgrades will be quickly adopted by customers.

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