Heat affects the contents of parcel lockers

During warm summer days, the quality of heat-sensitive products may decrease in parcel lockers in direct sunlight. Excessively high temperatures can affect cosmetics, foodstuffs, technology, medicines and other products.

When ordering products, it is important to take note of their storage temperatures. Various everyday items require proper storage in warm weather, otherwise they may spoil or become damaged. Special attention should be paid to cosmetics and foodstuffs, but also medicines, food supplements, household chemicals, aerosols and technology.

If the storage temperature of a product is a maximum of 25 degrees and it is 20 degrees outside, the temperature inside a parcel locker in direct sunlight may become significantly higher. A parallel can be drawn here to the rapid increase in temperature in a stationary vehicle parked in the sun, which has received much public attention. In such a case, the temperature can become extremely high in only a short time, which is why it is recommended to use an indoor parcel locker or to order the goods with a courier who delivers the products as required.

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