Expansion of the parcel machine network at the beginning of the year

We have once again expanded the network of parcel machines. This year we have installed 9 parcel machines in new locations.

In January, we opened a new parcel house at the Vändra Gross store.

In February, we opened new parcel machines in the following locations:

  • Ardu Kauplus
  • Palamuse Konsum
  • Tori Konsum
  • Tallinna Kari Grossi kaupluses

The locations of the new parcel machines opened in March are:

  • Avinurme Konsum parcel machine
  • Lihula Meie kauplus parcel house
  • Koosa Teeninduskeskus parcel machine
  • Tallinna Sütiste tee Maxima parcel machine

We also opened 9 parcel points in the following settlements:

  • Laekvere Aldar Market
  • Lohusuu Aldar Market
  • Muuga Aldar Market
  • Pajusti Aldar Market
  • Roela Aldar Market
  • Tudu Aldar Market
  • Tudulinna Aldar Market
  • Uhtna pood
  • Viru-Jaagupi Aldar Market

Sending and returning a parcel from our innovative white parcel machines must be done in the self-service my.smartpost.ee. The parcel can be delivered only from the parcel machine that has been selected for sending. The door code is valid from the moment the shipment is processed until the evening of the next day, when the store is closed. Parcel houses are open 24/7.

The door of the parcel house has a smart lock, which opens with the same PIN code that opens the door of the parcel machine.

White parcel machines enable fast sending and delivery of parcels, because several customers can use the machine at the same time.

Parcel points are located on the premises of local businesses, such as shops or cafes, and instead of a parcel machine, the customer receives the shipment through the company’s attendant.

If the parcel point service provider has received the parcel from the courier, the customer will receive a standard Smartpost SMS notification to the mobile phone together with the PIN code, on the basis of which the parcel point service provider will issue the shipment to the customer. It is not yet possible to send or return parcels from parcel points.

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