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The story of how Itella prospered

19 September 2002 – Soome Post established storage logistics company LP Logistika, which offered storage and assembly services, mainly to the Tallinna Kaubamaja department store.

LP Logistika joined Nurminen Fashion in 2005, the company focused on the transport of hanging clothes, and a substantial part of the company’s business was furs. LP Logistika was renamed Logia Estonia that same year. Suomi Post acquires Combifragt Group.

Logia Estonia moved together with Combifragt in 2006, and the latter was renamed Itella Logistics.

Itella Logistics tested Estonia’s first parcel locker in 2008, in a Rimi in Haabersti.

Itella’s current headquarters building at Loomäe tee 13 in Lehmja was completed in 2009, and Logia Estonia and Itella Logistics were joined to Itella Logistics.

Suomi Post (named Itella Corporation at the time) acquired Smartpost in 2010 – the company opened a nationwide network of parcel lockers in Estonia in 2009.

Itella Smartpost and Itella Logistics merged in 2016 and the company was renamed Itella Estonia.

Itella Services, located in Estonia, merged with Itella Estonia in 2021; Itella Services offers services to Finland’s Posti Group.

Did you know…

  • 19 September may be considered Itella’s birthday because the company’s predecessor LP Logistika was founded on this day.
  • Over a span of 20 years, the company has had four names: LP Logistika, Logia Estonia, Itella Logistics, Itella Estonia.
  • The company has had three locations: Kesko warehouse in Pildiküla (alternatively known as the current Rimi warehouse at Põrguvälja tee 3); Kalmistu tee 26 in Tallinn; and Loomäe tee 13 in Lehmja.
  • The company started out with three clients: Tallinna Kaubamaja, Hobby Hall as well as Sasta; today, we have approximately 4000 clients.
  • The company started providing storage services in a storage area of 1200 m2; now, the storage area is 28,000 m2.
  • Turnover growth: From 1.1 million Estonian kroons (70,300 euros) to 33 million euros.
  • Employees: the company had 11 employees in 2002; in 2022 it has them 356.
  • Exciting job title: press operator (not to be confused with a cameraman – this is an individual who works on a packaging press).
  • Exciting service: transport, storage and handling of hanging clothes.
  • Itella has employees from 11 nations.
  • The average age is 33.5 years.
  • Itella has equal gender balance: 51% female, 49% male.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to the growth of Itella!