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Tango – the first e-commerce packaging circulation scheme

Tango – the first e-commerce packaging circulation scheme

Estonia will be covered with boxes for returning reusable e-commerce packaging in a cooperation project of Tango and Smartpost Itella. The objective of the project is to make it possible for e-retailers and consumers to conveniently switch from single-use packaging to reusable packaging, thereby significantly reducing the amount of packaging waste generated by e-commerce.

The first 15 Tango return boxes have already been installed next to Smartpost Itella parcel terminals and boxes will also be installed next to the remaining 242 parcel terminals in 2023. The Tango return boxes can be used to return dry and clean e-commerce packaging that belongs to the Tango circulation scheme.

Returning packaging is easy and convenient for consumers.

Deposit packaging of the Tango network can be returned. These are currently offered in Estonia by KIUD ( former Low imPack), BAUN, Pakoo and Repack. The names of suitable packaging are also listed on the return boxes.

The first e-shops that consider sustainability important have already signed up to the deposit packaging scheme. For example, the e-shops of Ivo Nikkolo, Telia, Kaubamaja, Selver, Amanjeda by Katrin Kuldma, Ultima Thule Gallery, Südameapteek and children’s clothing rental platform The Rewear Company.

Tango return boxes are currently located next to the following Smartpost parcel terminals:

Tallinn and surroundings:

  1. Peetri Selver
  2. Tabasalu Rimi
  3. Tallinn Arsenal Centre
  4. Viimsi Shopping Centre (Delice)
  5. Tallinn Torupilli Selver
  6. Tallinn Baltic Station Market
  7. Tallinn Kadaka Selver
  8. Laagri Maksimarket
  9. Tallinn Nõmme Centre
  10. Tallinn Kristiine Shopping Centre, Floor 2


  1. Tartu Veeriku Selver
  2. Tartu Vahi Selver
  3. Tartu Rebase Rimi
  4. Tartu Lõunakeskuse Rimi
  5. Tartu Anne Prisma

Watch the video of the launch of Tango and the clip on how you can choose and return recyclable packaging when shopping online:

You can find more information on the innovative packaging circulation system on the Tango Eco website.