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How does parcel return work with DHL?

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How does parcel return work with DHL?
Category: DHL

You can return parcel if Shipper included to Your parcel „Return“ label. If not, the client must agree on the return with the sender and then a new shipment card is sent by the sender. As per the shipment card, the parcel is returned either via a parcel terminal or by our partner (please be guided by the information on the shipment card).

Please package your return parcel as safe as possible with firm packing material. The outer packaging has to be stable. The heavier or larger the consignment is, the stronger the sealing material has to be.
Please stick the address label on the parcel, so that it is legible. Please don´t put the address label on the edge of the parcel.  Please stick return label over original label, so that barcodes of original label are not visible anymore.
How to send it back?
Our parcelshopfinder helps you to find the nearest parcel points.