Itella & Sokisahtel campaign

Take out the parcel within 4 hours and win!

Itella would like to thank you for using the smartpost service and will give you a -20% discount code “Itella” when making a purchase in the Sokisahtel e-store in the period 1.06-14.06.2020.

In addition, we draw every business day 10 30€ gift cards for all who pick up their package from the smart parcel terminal within four hours after receiving the SMS notification.

Recipients, to whom a message of the arrival of the parcel is sent just before the parcel terminal is closed and the parcel is removed from the parcel terminal as soon as possible on the next morning, also participate in the draw.

The campaign is organized by Itella smartpost & Sokisahtel


1.06 +3725xxxx911

2.06 +3725xxxx473

3.06 +3584xxxxx839

4.06 +3725xxx412

5.06 +3725xxxx814

8.06 +3725xxxx047

9.06 +3725xxxx453

10.06 +3725xxx050

11.06 +3725xxx061

12.06 +3725xxxx747

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