Itella & Reztart campaign

Itella will draw 3 Reztart smartfood gift sets among everyone who will pick up their package in less than 4 hours in the period 25-31.05. The wise stays at home and eats healthily. From Reztart you can order smartfood drink mixes and bars to the nearest smartpost parcel terminal!

PS! If you can’t wait for the draw, then until the end of May you can order Reztart smartfood drink mixes and bars to your nearest smartpost parcel terminal with the code SMARTPOST -20% cheaper!

The campaign runs from 25.05 to 31.05

The winners will be announced on 1.06.2020. Recipients who are notified of the arrival of the parcel right before the closing time of the parcel terminal and the parcel is picked up from the parcel terminal as soon as possible in the next morning, also take part in the draw.

*** The gift set includes an assortment of Reztart products (3 drink mixes + 6 bars).

Itella & Reztart

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