Smartpost supports the charity auction “500 Dresses and Ties”

For the second time since the beginning of the campaign, Smartpost Itella has joined the nationwide charity initiative “500 Dresses and Ties”, with an aim to collect money for the Estonian Cancer Society through the circulation of evening wear and by holding a cool online charity auction.

Last time, in the autumn of 2020, the auction held as a social initiative helped to collect money for the purchase of a new mobile 3D mammography machine for the Estonian Cancer Society. This year, the auction will support the purchase of a new mobile computed tomography scanner for the Cancer Society. This device is essential for offering health scans to the residents of remote areas of Estonia, thereby making the early detection of cancer and the fight against cancer in Estonia generally more effective.

Smartpost Itella provides free and diligent nationwide delivery of the purchases made at the auction held on 4th and 5th November 2023 on the platform. It will be a great help to the volunteers of “500 Dresses and Ties”.

“We are sincerely grateful to Smartpost Itella for this huge support for us, as it allows us to involve in the initiative and invite nice people from all over Estonia to participate in the auction,” commented the leader of the initiative, Katri Link, on Smartpost Itella’s support. “Last time, we had a fantastic cooperation with Smartpost and thanks to the free home delivery, a larger amount of the proceeds of the auction went to support the purchase of the important device.”

Find more information about the “500 Dresses and Ties” initiative on its Facebook page.

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