Smartpost network grew by 45% last year

The number of parcels going through Smartpost Itella grew by a fifth in 2021, breaking all the records. The growth in the number of parcels is expected to continue, for which the company will open 100 new parcel lockers.

“The number of parcels in 2021 broke all records and this growth pushed us to open 61 new parcel lockers and 20 parcel points. Smartpost network now has 259 distribution points, which is 45% more than last year. We are now represented in several locations where there was no option of receiving a parcel,” says Meelike Paalberg, the CEO of Itella Estonia.

In addition to the network, the volume of parcels processed has grown by more than a fifth, courier service has grown by 23% and the turnover by more than 10%. Despite record-breaking volumes, 99.2% of all parcels have arrived to the clients on time.

According to CEO of Itella Estonia, the network will be expanded further this year. “We plan to add 100 new parcel lockers to our parcel locker network. Our goal is for 94% of the population to have a parcel locker within eight kilometres from their location. In addition to that, our goal is to have a parcel locker within a 10-minute walking distance in the city or within a 10-minute drive in the countryside,” Paalberg explains. Since the unique parcel houses opened in 2020 were warmly welcomed by the customers, more of them will be set up.

In 2021, Smartpost Itella piloted a parcel collection point scheme, located in shops, cafes and petrol stations in smaller municipalities, where the customer can collect their parcel from the employee of the company the point is located at, unlike a parcel locker. “Parcel collection points were also warmly welcomed by the customers, with 20 points already opened. We have also received positive feedback regarding the Braille script on white Smartpost parcel lockers, which make it easier for visually impaired people to use the parcel lockers,” Paalberg says.

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