Scam warning

Itella would like to warn its customers of a scam whereby attempts are made to cheat people out of money via sales ads on social media. Namely, after agreeing to a sale on social media, the seller is e-mailed an invoice bearing the name of Itella or GLS with a demand for payment.

We are warning our customers of a scam in which Itella’s name is being used to demand the payment of fake invoices. According to the information that has reached Itella from its customers, interest is shown in their sales ad on social media and they are then offered the option of handing it over to a courier and receiving payment for it in return. Once agreement has been reached, the customer is sent an e-mail in the name of Itella or GLS demanding the payment of the supposed insurance and delivery costs of the item in question.

Smartpost Itella neither sends such e-mails nor requires payment of insurance and delivery costs in such a way. We would like to stress that Itella only ever sends its customers notifications via SMS or e-mail in which the sender is marked as Smartpost. If you receive a notification by e-mail and are suspicious of it, make sure the e-mail address ends in or

If you receive fraudulent notifications, we recommend turning to the police straight away. If you do fall victim to scammers, we recommend submitting a claim to your bank for the reimbursement of the fake transaction and closing your credit card immediately.

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