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Itella Estonia joins Estonian Diversity Charter

The Estonian Diversity Charter is a voluntary agreement, by joining which the company confirms that it respects human diversity and values equal treatment among its employees, partners and clients. On 15 September, Itella Estonia OÜ signed the Estonian Diversity Charter.

Itella Estonia OÜ respects differences and supports diversity and inclusion. We work every day to guarantee that our employees feel safe in the workplace, that all interactions are respectful, that employees are given equal treatment and that the company operates in an overall transparent manner.

The Estonian Diversity Charter was launched in Estonia in 2012 within the framework of TalTech’s equal treatment project entitled ‘Diversity Enriches’, which was co-financed by the European Commission, the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Institute of Law of TalTech. Today, the Estonian Diversity Charter network is coordinated by the Estonian Human Rights Centre. The Estonian Diversity Charter is part of the EU Platform of Diversity Charters, which groups together similar charter networks in 26 European countries.

Further details are available on the Estonian Human Rights Centre website.

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