Cold-sensitive products can go off even at temperatures just below zero

It is the busiest time of year for package delivery, and due to approaching negative temperatures, it is important to keep in mind what items should be delivered to an indoor parcel locker. Even temperatures just below zero can significantly affect medicine, liquids, cosmetics and appliances.

According to Smartpost Itella client experience lead Triin Parmsoo, Black Friday and Christmas are the busiest time for online shopping and this year is expected to be record-breaking for package delivery. With temperatures approaching below zero, it is important to keep in mind what items should be delivered to an indoor parcel locker.

“The majority of appliances are not intended for outdoor use, so they should not be left in the outdoor parcel locker. For example, mobile phones don’t function properly at temperatures just below zero,” says Parmsoo.

She added that the same principle can be applied to liquids in glass containers, as with sub-zero temperatures liquids can expand and break the package. In addition to that, particular attention should be paid to beauty products (cosmetics, perfumes, contact lenses) and health products (food additives, medicine) – you should find out the storage temperature of the product.

E-pharmacy development lead at Südameapteek Aleksandr Sei says that the majority of products sold at pharmacies should be stored at room temperature and can go off if stored incorrectly.

“If a medicine is stored incorrectly, active agents inside of it can decompose and the patient will not get the health benefits expected. In a worst-case scenario, the decomposition product can be poisonous.

He added that you should pay attention to the substance of both medicine and beauty products – if pills are more resistant to external factors, liquids (syrups or dilutions) can freeze with sub-zero temperatures, making them impossible to use. For this reason, even if temperatures hit just below zero, you should order packages to an in-door parcel locker.

According to Smartpost Itella client experience lead, when ordering from an online shop, it is important to check the weather forecast and keep in mind the time it takes the package to arrive. “If the temperature throughout the day is sub-zero, it is clear that this product should be ordered to an indoor parcel locker or delivered by a courier who will transport the product according to its needs. For this reason, many cosmetics or technical online stores don’t offer delivery to outdoor parcel lockers,” says Parmsoo.

“Smartpost’s client promise is “well-kept” and indoor parcel lockers are part of that promise. This way, we can ensure that even the most temperature-sensitive products are stored correctly and will safely reach the client,” says Smartpost Itella client experience lead.

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